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Welcome in the Dojo Aikido Zuerich

As the principal teacher of our Aikido Dojo I welcome and congratulate you in your courageous attempt at something perhaps completely new.
When I am asked what Aikido is, I often take a step back. There are many different explanations enfolded in the richness of Aikido. Aikido, the way the founder intended it, was meant to bring people closer together and it is open for people of all ages.

Aikido an art of communication

You will understand the meaning of Aikido by simply doing it. Because of that, I always invite people, who are interested in Aikido, to come and join us for training so they can make their own experience.

With consistent training combined with the variety of movements in Aikido you will enrich your vitality. In many ways the breathing and physical techniques will result in inner stability and balance.

Therefore, do not hesitate, come and join us in a wonderful environment on the mountain overlooking the city. I hope to see you soon.

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Kurt Bartholet