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Training Across Borders is an Aikido exploration of relationships beyond culture, nationality and religion – continuing the spirit of the first ‘Training Across Borders’ seminar of Cyprus 2005.

The first Training Across Borders (TAB) seminar organized by Aiki extension brought together aikido practitioners, chiefly from countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region, for a three-day seminar in Nicosia, Cyprus, in April 2005.
Through the transformative practice of aikido, the intention was that the Training Across Borders experience will connect Aikidokas from communities that have suffered from protracted conflicts, and provide an environment to root friendships that may blossom into future collaboration.
Training intensively together will strengthen the mutual trust and respect associated with the Aiki way. Such experience may create lasting bonds, a basis for future collaborative training endeavors and further dialogue.

Kurt Bartholet, as one of the teaching Aikido Senseis in the first TAB seminar in Cyprus 2005, continues the idea with yearly seminars in Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Syria and the International Aikido Summer Camps in Zurich.

Impressions from seminars in the Eastern Mediterranean region
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